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House BoatHouseboats have become the ultimate ways to be in the midst of Nature.Bekal Boat House boats services is one of Kerala’s leading Houseboat cruises and vacation specialists since 2008. With over 15 Houseboats and 40 professionally-trained cruises Crew, we are committed to delivering you outstanding service and Houseboats cruise. Kerala houseboats are one of the leading attractions to most of the foreign and domestic tourists. Over the past years we developed strong preferred relationships with our guest. As a result, we get incredible Support from our Guest who used our service before..

History of Kerala House Boat

The House Boats in Kerala or the Kettuvallams (kettu means “tied with ropes”, vallam means “boat”) are large slow- moving floating structures with high load carrying capacity. Kettuvallams is a part of Kerala’s rich culture and heritage since centuries and was mainly used for transporting men and materials to different destination.